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St. Peter's Lutheran Church is one of the ten oldest Lutheran congregations in South Carolina. While we list our founding date as 1780, it is clear from historical documents that we were in existence prior to this date. The first St. Peter's congregation was formed in a log house of worship built on Eighteen Mile Creek in Lexington County. Peter Ehrhardt was the principal builder of this log house of worship, and it is believed that the congregation honored him by naming the church, Peter's.


St. Peter's has often been called Meetze's Church. It is possible this was because of Yost Meetze. He was licensed to preach in 1810, and it is believed he was responsible for the relocation of the church to the now Farming Creek property and the construction of the second house of worship.


The fifth and present church building construction began in 1950. On August 2, 1953, the congregation entered the present two-story grey stone church and the cornerstone was laid. Homecoming dedication of the new church was held on September 6, 1953.

Sherman intended to burn St. Peter's Lutheran Church, but instead burned St. Stephen's Lutheran Church. Major Henry A. Meetze of Lexington was invited to speak at a meeting protesting the Secession Convention. It is said that Meetze gave such a fiery, rousing speech that it was partly responsible for the convening of the convention. 

Even in that day, Sherman had intelligence reports, and the order was given to "burn the Lutheran Church in Lexington." However, they did not know that Meetze was not a member of St. Stephen's, but of nearby St. Peter's. 

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