Snack Sacks

This is a new Educational Ministry mission outreach program at St. Peter’s. Children who do not have enough food on the weekends and extended holiday periods when our school district is closed will be provided snack sacks filled with nutritious items.

The following individual packets are needed:
Instant oatmeal, granola bars, instant grits, fruit cups, cereal (individual serving size), applesauce, peanut butter, snack crackers, fruit juices or Capri-Sun & raisins

Please put food items in the large box in the Parish Life Center marked “SNACK SACKS”.

We will gladly purchase items if you would prefer to write a check marked “Snack Sacks”.


Simply Giving

Simply Giving® is a reliable, safe way to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity into ongoing stewardship. Because your gift is given consistently, you won’t need to play “catch-up” at the end of the year or worry about forgotten checkbooks or missed Sunday offerings.

But you’re not the only one that benefits. Your congregation benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year, more efficient bookkeeping and greater confidence in meeting its financial commitments.

To participate, just download this enrollment form and drop it by the church office.

Simply Giving Enrollment Form (Download)




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