There are many opportunities to be involved in the ministry of the congregation through participating in or leading various committees of the church. These are the active committees at St. Peter’s…

Bus/Van Committee
Maintains the church van and schedules its use.
Council Representative – Keith McMillan

Celebration/Heritage (formerly Homecoming/Archives)
This group plans the annual Homecoming Service each May and preserves the history of St. Peter’s.
Chairperson – Barbara Leaphart
Council Representative – Adam Davis

Cemetery Committee
Oversees maintenance of the church cemetery.
Chairperson – Ted Zee
Council Representative – Jeffrey Crapps

Educational Ministry Committee
Plans and oversees our Sunday School program, Vacation Bible School, teachers’ workshops, Christmas program, marriage retreat, and other educational opportunities.
Chairperson –Teresa Bickley
Council Representative – Larry James

Evangelism Committee
Reaches out to newcomers in our community and invites them to join our church family.
Chairpersons – Dot Rish
Council Representative – Landis Sandel

Hospitality Committee
Supervises the use of the church kitchens.
Council Representative – Jeff Elliott

Property/Grounds Committee 
Maintains the physical structures and operations of all church property and oversees the upkeep and beautification of the church grounds.
Chairpersons – Claude Lindler & Paul Arnold
Council Representative – Keith McMillan

Safety Team
Evaluates the Safety of our congregation while on campus.
Chairperson – Greg Webb
Council Representative – Keith McMillan

Chairperson – Paul Duell
Council Representative – Teresa Bickley

Service Committee
Extends Christian compassion and help to people in need through Lexington Interfaith Community Services (LICS). The committee provides other services through blood pressure checks, community health fairs, adult mission trips, tape ministry for the homebound, and other projects.
Chairperson – Bobbi Buff
Council Representative – Donna Alford

Staff Support Committee
Encourages our church staff and provides an annual evaluation of all employees. Members: Brian Cook, Karen Gobbi, Bobby Harmon, Hillarie Vaughan, Darlene Lavisky, & Greg Webb.
Chairperson – Hillarie Vaughan
Council Representative – Keith McMillan

Stewardship/Finance Committee
Promotes church members’ responsible giving of time, talent and treasure. It prepares the annual budget and cares for the congregation’s fiscal resources.
Chairperson – Paul Robison
Council Representative – Jeffrey Crapps

Women’s Ministry Planning Team
Plans, promotes and presents events and Bible studies for the women of the church. Committee members are Karen Gobbi, Darlene Lavisky, Lisa Leitzey, Christen Weidner, and Cheryl White

Worship and Music Committee
Plans worship services and works with musicians, ushers, acolytes, choirs, and all areas relating to music and worship.
Chairperson – Joe Price
Co-Secretaries – Jackie Jumper & Trudy Moore
Council Representative – Landis Sandel

Youth Committee
Plans and oversees the overall Youth Ministries at St. Peter’s.
Chair – LeeAnn Crapps
Associate Pastor – Pastor Cassie Boehringer
Council Representative – Meredith Cook & Christen Weidner

Endowment Board
Oversees the St. Peter’s Endowment Fund and encourages gifts to the fund.
Adam Davis – Term Expires 12/31/2019
Paul Schreiber – Term Expires 12/31/2020
Jay Freeman – Term Expires 12/31/2021
John Stiglbauer – Term Expires 12/31/2022
Furman Cantrell – Term Expires 12/31/2023